About us

Professional Simi Valley Movers has opened our doors to the public 14 years ago, and have since then built an amazing relationship with the residents of Simi Valley and provided them with the best furniture packing and moving services. Our moving services are unparalleled among the large number of local movers in Simi Valley, simply because we place our main focus in our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and most importantly, cost effectiveness.

With our years of experience, and the moving industry changing the way it operates, we have successfully managed to hold on to our promise of unmatched customer service. We will handle your belongings as we would our own.

There is no doubt about the fact that moving is a difficult and stressful business, and it can often make you feel underwhelmed about the beautiful change in your life. We have the complete understanding that you are leaving a lot of memories behind in your new home that are irreplaceable, whether it is your first home, or simply a special space to you. As a family-owned business, we know exactly how important is for your move to be completed with smoothness and success. We want the last memory of your home to be a happy one. We will make the entire process as hassle-free as possible, no matter where you are locating to in Simi Valley.

This is why we take great pride in our trained, experienced movers that know exactly how to adapt to any moving situation. Besides that, we have our own fleet of modern, well-maintained trucks that will ensure the smoothness of your relocation, in addition to the moving equipment that we constantly invest in, in order to provide you with an easy experience.

We will always put your needs and concerns at the top of our priorities list, and we will always make sure that your belongings are handled with care and caution.

By choosing one from our selection of services, we are committed to provide you with the best, high-quality services in Simi Valley.

You won’t be disappointed with Professional Simi Valley Movers furniture movers and packers, as we will take every detail of your move into consideration and handle it with great amounts of respect and dedication.

We welcome you to the family of happy clients of Professional Simi Valley Movers, and we guarantee that we will become your favorite, reliable local movers in the area. Fill us in on your moving needs, and we will gladly meet them with expertise.