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What will movers refuse to move?

Movers will refuse to move any items that are hazardous, poisonous or dangerous. This includes toxic liquids, solids, guns, chemicals, alcohol, etc. If you are worrying about a specific item, and if your movers might refuse to move it, it is best to ask your moving specialist if they would move it. It is also best not to risk the smoothness of your relocation and the safety of your movers and yourself by transporting dangerous items that you wouldn’t want to transport by yourself.

How much do movers charge per hour?

There is a number of factors that contribute to the rate you will be charged by your moving company. The number of items you will be moving, the number of movers you will need for your relocation, and if you are requesting any additional services from your professional moving company are just a few factors that might influence the hourly rate you would be moving at. It is best to call different moving companies and ask for a quote, to get a clear idea of how much you’ll be charged.

Will movers move open boxes?

Most professional moving companies will advise you against leaving your boxes open on the day of the move. Closing and securing your boxes is the only way you can fully protect your items during loading and transport, and leaving them open might result in the contents getting damaged along the way. Your reliable moving company places their top priority in the safety of your items, and will therefore suggest you fully securing your boxes before they arrive to your starting location.

Are movers usually late?

When you hire a professional moving company to handle your relocation, you will decide on the best timeframe for your move to take place in. If you’ve hired a reliable moving company, that also has both a license and is insured, the arrival window they have offered you is guaranteed, which means that your movers will arrive at the designated time and that your move will start then. It is equally important for your movers to arrive to your location on time, since they also have a schedule that they need to stick to.

Will movers pack for you?

You can always ask your moving company to fully pack your belongings before relocating them. Your professional movers will arrive with the necessary equipment and needed packing supplies to complete the entire packing process, and this way, you won’t have to stress about time or if your items are packed correctly. However, keep in mind that your movers will probably charge you for the packing supplies, but you can always suggest providing them with your own supplies.

Will movers move IKEA furniture?

Most professional moving companies would advise you against leaving your IKEA furniture assembled on the day of your move. Not only is it extremely tricky to disassemble and reassemble IKEA furniture, which would ultimately prolong your move, but it is also not as sturdy as other pieces of furniture that you may have come to own.

Are movers licensed?

Unfortunately, not every moving company is licensed. This is why you should thoroughly research different moving companies, ask if they are licensed and insured. You want to hire a reliable moving company that can compensate for any potential damage during your move, and will handle any difficult situation that may occur during your relocation with professionalism.

When should I book my movers?

Giving your movers of choice a call as soon as you can, is the best way to ensure that they have an open spot on the day you’ve picked for your relocation. If you are planning a weekend move, a move by the end of the month or a move during moving season, you should call your movers at least two weeks before your move date, as this is when most people tend to move, and these dates get booked quickly.

Are movers more expensive during the weekends?

Usually moving companies do charge more for weekend moves and moves that are around the end of the month, simply because that is when most people tend to move. You can always ask your movers if there is any difference in their rates, as sometimes that isn’t the case. If you can save money by moving your moving date, that is a great option to have as well.

Can movers move plants?

You should always ask your movers about their policy regarding any items you might have doubts about. Keep in mind that there is no way to fully wrap and protect your plants, and therefore their conditions is at risk during transportation. Most professional moving companies will advise you to relocate your plants on your own.

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