8 reasons to move to Simi Valley

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The city of Simi Valley is nestled between the Simi Hills and the Santa Susana Mountains, and is considered to be one of the safest cities to live in. Simi Valley boasts some of the best attributes in this part of the country, and with its controlled population, it remains a small city that is in close proximity to all the famous attractions that surround it. Simi Valley is known as the site for shooting a great number of TV Shows and movies, and the unique beauty it offers it residents justifies the fact that many people wish to move here. Simi Valley is also home to many unique amenities and offers a lot to do. There are some dealbreakers that might help you finally make the decision.

1. Weather

If you enjoy warm summers and mild winters, you’re in luck. Simi Valley offers one of the best climates in the entire country, with only 25 rainy days per year, approximately 280 sunny days and absolutely no snow. If you’re picturing the perfect weather, you’re thinking of Simi Valley. Even by being in close proximity to Simi Hills, they rarely experience snow, or extreme weather, due to their low elevation.

2. Transportation

Moving to Simi Valley, means that you will be presented with a large selection of transportation options. Simi Valley offers incredibly easy access to everywhere you need to be, and even offers a service that is efficient and reliable. The Metrolink Ventura Line offers a service to LA’s Union Station, that ultimately connects to a large number of different places. Simi Valley also offers transportation to far away destinations, so you can be wherever you need and want to be, when being a resident of this amazing city.

3. Diversity

Simi Valley is popular for its friendly and diverse neighborhoods, with a large number of wealthy residents living in local neighborhoods, including Big Sky, Wood Ranch and Indian Hills to name a few. Living in Simi Valley means that you will be provided with the definition of a family town and bedroom community. This family friendly community also includes a large number of people that enjoy spending their days outdoors, and the lifestyle in Simi Valley successfully caters to them with a large number of outdoor opportunities.

4. Nightlife

Even though Simi Valley is classified as a family-oriented community, meaning that it doesn’t exactly have a bustling nightlife, there still are a few places worth the visit after sunset. Some of the most popular nightlife spots in Simi Valley include the Golden Nugget Pub, Billiard Plaza, Rusty’s Bar & Grill, and more. You are bound to have the best time in Simi Valley, even with most of the local amenities geared towards families. There is always something for everyone in Simi Valley, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

5. Job opportunities

Simi Valley boasts a much lower unemployment rate than the national average, and the city provides a myriad of job opportunities for everyone that wishes to become a part of the community. Some of the biggest companies in the city include Apple Inc, Ultimate Software, In-N-Out Burger, and more, while some of the top employers in Simi Valley are the Simi Valley Unified School District, Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care, AeroVironment, City of Simi Valley, and many more.

6. Education

The public schools in Simi Valley are part of the Simi Valley Unified School District, and are highly ranked in the nation. Simi Valley is the home to five high schools: Grace Brethren High School, Apollo High School, Simi Valley High School, Santa Susana High School and Royal High School.
Three middle schools are situated in Simi Valley: Sinaloa Middle School, Valley View Middle School and Hillside Middle School.

These public schools provide excellent education, and you should strongly consider this as one of the best reasons to move to the beautiful Simi Valley.

7. Outdoor activities

Simi Valley boasts an abundance of recreation areas and attractions. In fact, there is a total of 50 parks in Simi Valley, that are divided into urban city parks, open parks and trail systems. These areas cover more than 5,500 acres, and some of them even include a part of Simi Hills. These areas are carefully preserved, and serve as a natural landscape and wildlife corridor to protect the flora and fauna of Simi Valley.
You’ll also find 6 golf courses in Simi Valley, along with a large number of natural trails which are perfect for biking, hiking, and going for a jog. Visit Rocky Peak for some of the best mountain biking and hiking trails, in addition to other outdoor activities and an overall great way to spend the day.

Some of the most popular public parks in Simi Valley include the Arroyo Park, Big Sky Park and Citrus Grove park, where you can easily enjoy the day with your family and friends, taking advantage of the many family-oriented activities that they offer.

8. Restaurants

There is a reason for Simi Valley ranking as one of the best destinations for fine dining in the entire state of California. You’ll never experience a shortage in places to eat, or unique things to try out. There are some especially popular places around the city, that are bound to become your go-to favorite eateries. Some of the most popular choices for families with children include Chi Chi’s Pizza, Pho So 1 and Eggs N Things, with some amazing dining options that both you and your kids will love. Among the locals’ favorite cafés and bakeries, you will most likely stumble upon Skiffs Cakes, Corner Bakery and Garcia’s Bakery. If fine dining is on your mind, you are in luck. Some of the most famous fine dining experiences are provided at Larsens Restaurant, Betos Italian Bistro and Atlas Mediterranean Kitchen, in which you definitely won’t be disappointed.

From its diverse neighborhoods and perfect weather to the family-oriented communities and great job opportunities, it’s no surprise why people are interested in moving to Simi Valley. Over the years, Simi Valley has grown into a thriving community loved by its residents for its safe atmosphere and breathtaking, one of a kind mountain views.

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