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Moving might not be the most fun-inducing activity in the world, but it sure is exciting to move into an entirely different living space, and switching up your day-to-day. Getting to know your neighborhood can be a new exciting experience that you should be looking forward to. There are a few moving tips that you should follow to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

1. Get rid of everything

You now have the opportunity to go full spring-cleaning mode, and get rid of every single item you no longer use or wish to own. Consider organizing a garage sale, selling your items that are in great condition online, donating them to charity or simply getting rid of them if they won’t be useful to anyone. Keep in mind that you’ll have to thoroughly go through your entire collection of possessions, and make sure to get rid of every item you don’t find useful. This will benefit your move, as it will speed up the process immensely, and also help you declutter everything you don’t need anymore.

2. Search for movers

Consider searching for movers ahead of time, calling around and assessing how much you are going to be spending on your relocation. Request quotes from different moving companies, ask about their services and find the company that best suits your moving needs and budget. Make sure that the moving companies you are considering are licensed and insured, and don’t have any hidden fees that will surprise you on your moving day.

3. Hire your movers

Consider giving your movers a call and reserving the spot for your move at least two weeks in advance, to ensure that they are available on the day you were planning to move on. If you’re moving during moving season, or if you’re planning a move on the weekend or by the end of the month, consider calling them even father in advance, as this is when most people tend to move and moving companies will get booked much quicker.

4. Plan of action

Before you start doing anything, consider grabbing a pen and paper and planning out everything you should do, what precautions to take and what you’re going to be needing for your relocation. This way, you will easily stay organized and make sure that everything is going as planned. You also won’t forget anything important regarding your upcoming move.

5. Gather packing supplies

Calculate the amount of packing supplies you are going to be in the need of during the packing portion of your move, and visit your local hardware store to purchase them. Keep in mind that it is always great to have some extra moving supplies in case any items you may own require special protection. If you’ve hired your movers to also pack your items, you can ask them to bring their own packing supplies and save yourself the hassle.

6. Inventory

If you’ve hired movers to both pack and move your belongings, they will make a detailed inventory of your items on your behalf, but if you’re packing by yourself, you might be on your own. Taking notes of every item you have packed, and categorizing your items can make the world of a difference when your movers arrive. This will also help you when unpacking and making sure that your items don’t get lost during your move.

7. Label every box with its contents

Once you’ve packed a box, consider labeling it with its contents, and the room it goes to. This will make a difference once your movers are unloading the truck and settling your boxes into your new living space, and will ultimately help you stay organized when unpacking as well.

8. Check your drawers, cabinets and dressers

Once you’ve packed absolutely everything, consider opening your drawers, cabinets and dressers to fully inspect your house and make sure that nothing gets left at your old house. If there are some items you haven’t packed, this will also help you by reminding you about it until your movers arrive. Make sure that everything is emptied before they arrive, and don’t risk slowing your move down unnecessarily.

9. Place your boxes near the door

Consider placing all the boxes you have packed in a designated area that is close to the front door of your home. This will result in a much faster loading process from your movers, and could also save you some money at the end of the day. This of course, is not necessary, but instead is just an extra step to ease the entire moving process on yourself and your movers as well.

10. Leave most used items unpacked

Leave your most used items unpacked until the night before your move, as you’ll probably be in the need of them and wouldn’t want to dive through boxes you’ve already packed to find them. Consider having a separate clear box, or bag in which you can pack these items, such as medication, tooth brushes and a change of clothes, so you can go through your relocation peacefully and smoothly settle into your new home. These are some of the best moving tips from our moving experts, that can ease the entire relocation process for you and your movers at the same time. Moving can be an exciting experience, that results in a new chapter of your life that should be celebrated. Hiring movers, you will receive full support along the way, and provide yourself with the move of your dreams – easy and seamless.

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